Julie Howe’s tutoring program is based on the Hickey Multi-sensory Literacy Program. A research-based and internationally respected model for teaching literacy to students with dyslexia.

It is very effective in the long term. Many aspects of the program are a type of therapy that requires much over-learning. Thorough teaching and extensive practice by the student,  the knowledge becomes automatic and permanent.

The student progresses through single letters and sounds, letter combinations and sounds, syllabification and decoding of words, spelling rules, grammar and written expression.

Students acquire a personal pack of cards containing their learning. Regular practise of the cards aids memory and recall.


Children with specific learning difficulties respond well to individual tutoring.

Lessons are individual, one hour in duration and generally in Julie’s home. Sessions can be after school, early morning or as negotiated.

Parents are encouraged to stay and observe, particularly in the early stages.

Fees: $52 per hour


An educational therapist with more than 10 years experience tutoring, Julie, completed her Level 1 & 2 training “Teaching children with Dyslexia” at Dyslexia Solutions in 2002. As a former classroom teacher and teacher–librarian she has a broad range of  skills and experience across the age spectrum Reception to Year 7 that she brings into her personalised teaching sessions.

Contact details

Julie mostly provides tuition in her home in Pasadena, Adelaide.

Best contact for Julie is by phone, 0421 637 833, alternatively you may wish to email,  jhowe28@yahoo.com.au.

Tutor for children with dyslexia

Julie Howe, tutor for children with dyslexia.


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